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Some people have expressed that my article on Astral Projection was nifty and all, but it didn't cover HOW to astral project (as well as a lot more).    A group I am a member of "Vicious Circle" (Pun Intended) does 3-4 presentations per month on topics we are familiar (or more) with.    This month I was voted to be one of the presenters and I recorded my presentation (with permission of course).  Below is the Audio:     (Below THAT is my bullet point of notes)


Astral Projection Bullets for Presentation
(Audio Doesn't Follow this Completely)


  • 2 Headed Projection

    • Here and There Sensation. Perception can be either or both from POV and/or relative.

    • Can be done very conscious and in self.

    • All behaviors of projection are possible, but harder to control and maintain due to distraction.

    • Most 2 headed is a Temporary experience to obtain specific information/experience with a return to self within .5-3 seconds. Many “visions” of the real world are quick 2 headed projections.

      • As you gain skill you will learn the feeling of your consciousness reaching the target

    • Can evolve into full Projection

  • Full Projection

    • Full projection is a complete release of consciousness from the needs, senses and perspective of the body and utilize your projected form for all perception and action. All behaviors are completely from the point of view of the

    • The body isn't really in danger because it is easy for your sub-conscious to demand your attention if needed. Your consciousness is seated in your body still, but your “projection” is wherever/whenever

  • OBE

    • Personal Experience was always a painless but terrifying releasing, but most people claim painful release

      • Release is terrifying because you are disconnecting from the manifestational will and protections you have due to being in body.

      • The Body CAN be possessed when you are not there and the act of separating seems to attract attention of entities who might be interested in

      • You CAN be disconnected and lose yourself.

      • You will have ONLY the astral and your will, which means that the common problems are amplified and you cannot lean on your physical consciousness/state as a crutch (which you can VERY much do in Projections)

Common Differences & Challenges: All of these differences and challenges can be mitigated/minimized by using body consciousness/will

  • Time is not linear

    • Watching a Movie vs Filming a Movie.

  • Space is not linear

    • Distance and Size is what you believe it is.

  • Same Space and Time can have Different Layers

  • Where you will is where you are

    • If you fail to will you will flutter with your thoughts and will of others

    • If you will yourself to stay some-where/when (Ground into the space/time/layer)

  • Details requires investment which requires decrease in lucidity

    • Lucidity is a disconnect from the story. A decision to transition from Role of Actor to role of Director. You CAN be a director & actor at the same time, but the balance is delicate. If you get TOO into the story you can forget to direct, but if you only direct you don't truly experience the story.


Where can you go

  • Inner Dream Space

    • You and Your Subconscious are in 100% control when exerted.

    • Entering another's inner dream space can be done directly, but involves a risk of target or their sub-conscious directing YOU in their story. When you are an actor in their dream space they can control your reality, when you start directing if they disagree you will disconnect.

    • Safer to enter exact duplicate of their dream space where you can interact with them. You can project

  • Astral

    • Astral Levels of “Reality”

      • Layers so close to the physical that photo level details are available

      • Cliché “psychic” levels with each level giving access to:

        • Metaphors of energetic patterns (which you can change)

          • Mental

          • Physical

          • Chi

          • Will/Habits/Addictions

          • Spiritual (Different Frequencies)

            • This is the difference between hanging out with their damned ancestors vs their enlightened

        • Possible but un-manifest possibilities/histories

      • Manifest Alternate Realities

        • All of THEIR astral layers

Ways to get there:

  • 2 headed: Move your consciousness to that space/time/layer and start perceiving

    • You can either travel if you need or just “be there” at your discretion. The key issue is to will your center of self there.

      • I choose to split my consciousness and be in both places (or more) at once. Too much focus on projection and you do stuff like walking into walls, too little focus and you fail to do anything useful.

        • Because time/space is not linear you can get away with focusing on an interaction 2-3 seconds per minute and have the experience of the interaction be perceptionally linear for both parties.

          • Especially useful for interactions at scheduled times on the astral. You and they can do so whenever you choose and experience or re-experience moments of the interaction at any time.

    • I only realized in writing this, that I use it as my “3rd eye” to analyze and perform magicks on persons/places regardless of space/time/layers.

  • Intentional Sleeping Full Projection: Start a 2 headed projection as you are falling asleep. If you maintain will as you fall asleep the projection will become a full conscious projection. If you fail to maintain will you will either slip into a pre-directed dream space or experience a

  • Lucid Dreaming: Leave Inner Dream Space (If that is where you are)

  • Medication:

  • Meditation: 2 Headed that can lead to 1 Headed.

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