Casting Spells with staying Power AKA Enchantments

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While most people consider a spell influencing another’s actions to be an enchantment, in truth any spell that sticks around is an enchantment.  Enchantments are a spell which modifies a current flow into something new.   This might take the form of “enchanting a person” to believe something and it might also just be a self perpetuating spell AKA a “Living Spell.”

In Magick, it is possible to craft a flow of power that gathers additional power and uses it to maintain itself as well as create an effect.  Unfortunately, these spells are quite fragile and are easily disrupted.  Think of these spells as a series of flows in a stream.  If something disrupts those flows by splashing or changing how the water flows from upstream it is very likely that the spell will be disrupted.  This is why people tend to enchant people, animals, plants or items.  By giving the spell a “body” it makes it harder to disrupt the spell through “splashing” (you can help this by also shielding the spell and/or its container). Additionally, if you craft the spell with capacitance (power holding) the spell can stick around even if the power source fluctuates.

So what are good power sources?  Ambient energy does work, but wherever people live it gets messed with a LOT, you’re going to need pretty good capacitance to use ambient energy and have your spell stick around.   Ambient energy in nature tends to be more consistent.  Leylines are another good sources of power (I’ll explain them in another post).  Additionally people, plants and animals already have at least a minimum of energy in their energy body.  You CAN gather directly from these sources.

Unfortunately, people’s and animal’s energy tends to change often and these changes can disrupt your spell.  Plants are actually pretty good sources as it would be fair to consider them living self repairing water, nutrient and energy pumps.  They tend to have amazingly stable energy even through hardships and challenges.  I personally like trees a LOT.   If you are going to craft your spell using a living thing as a power source, be careful.  There is only so much power you can get from one and it IS possible to harm or kill plants from draining them too much.

People and Animals tend to have energy bodies that self heal better than plants.  If you over drain them, they will compensate either by drawing more energy from their environments or by cutting off the area where you are getting energy from and redirecting their flows.  In fact, this is a great way to cause them long term harm.    It’s possible to watch people develop all kinds of interesting non-infectious diseases by driving their body to maintain a less healthy energy flow.  However, as long as your spell only needs small amounts of power, drawing from people is a simple way of ensuring it sticks around.

After you decide on your power source, you need to craft your spell.   Envision the flow of power, where it’s from and what it does. Let your sub-conscious convert your wishes into reality.  Perceive, Hear, See or Feel the power moving from its source to the spell and then forming the effect you wish.  Spend time doing this.  Intuit what’s happening, How your spell is strong and how it could be strengthened further.  If you feel the need to have your spell shielded, envision the power being diverted toward the shield and how the shield is formed.

This is an intuition heavy activity.  If you can’t listen to your intuition, you might want to practice doing so before attempting an enchantment.  Additionally learning to use your third eye is also pretty important for this.  Perhaps that will be my next article.

Good Spelling,
Power Before Wisdom

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