Open Your Life to Universe Coincidence of your Manifestations

For a long time now I've been able to manifest things amazingly quickly and responsively.  However, there were a couple areas of my life I didn't intentionally manifest.  One was General Finances, another was Relationships.  At first my challenge was that I didn't want to "cheat."  I got over that one with some counseling from other pagans.  A couple years back, I noticed that even though I was using Manifestation to bring in specific needs (eg.. $1000 to pay rent by next week), I hadn't manifested long term situational changes.   In other words rather than manifesting consistent plenty into my life, I was repetitively needing to manifest the "emergency money."    At the time I decided I wanted better consistency in my life.  My pattern had been a lot of ups and downs.   I decided I wanted to stabilize my situation.   So I made effort to do my work more regularly and earn.   I did so, yet I consistently earned about $2-300 less than I needed.   One month I earned $8,000, but I needed $8,400.   Finally things came to a head: I had another emergency... and I failed to come up with the money.   It was a downhill spiral from there as I cut costs and the universe cut my income.  A few months afterwards, I was earning 40/hour/wk minimum wage pay while actually working 60+ hours/wk.  Amazingly, I manifested cutting costs so much that I ended up with Free Rent.   At that point, I took a look at my situation and decided to manifest change.  However, in doing so I've learned a lot about the process of manifestation.

First I've learned that you can successfully manifest lots of cool stuff... and then ignore it.  I've learned that the size of your manifestation has nothing to do with numbers, but with how much YOU have to change to accept it.   For example, I had a friend who manifested overnight Millionaire success.  As he opened himself up to this amazing opportunity some things that had been smoldering in his life were brought into the light.  He had a choice.  Accept his overnight millionaire success or take this side road...  he chose the side road and ended up in prison.  Amazingly time has passed, he got out of prison and now he has manifested another overnight wealth opportunity.   Clearly manifestation IS NOT the problem.  In fact, he has created multiple different millionaires in his life.   People who are near him tend to do very well while he hits the ground harder and harder each time.  The difference is that he hasn't chosen to accept his success.  He manifests repetitively and then declines it.  He makes choices to ignore it.

In watching him, I've noticed how I did this myself.   I've had challenging times in relationships.  I've manifested opportunities for other relationships... some very interesting ones!  However, I pride myself in my faithfulness.  So while I was manifesting new, strong, loving and sexual relationships on one hand, on the other hand I was denying them.   Recently, I've realized how I was doing this financially as well.  This article is incomplete because I don't have the end to this story yet.   However, in one month of opening myself up to accept wealth and deciding to accept the opportunities that arise I have:

  1. Started building a relationship with a successful businessman who has connections and ties to resources I need for two of my projects.
  2. Started a project with the same businessman which will result in a lot of new persons and connections in my life.
  3. Seen Magewars move forward from 5 years of no profit to $20/wk and climbing.
  4. Started this website and set it up.
  5. Watched my Computer and Website Business Triple into numbers which will empower me to thrive.

What I've learned the most so far is that to manifest you can't just expect the world to change around you.  You need to change as well.  Think of manifestations as storms which can enable you to follow a completely different flow in a different direction, however if you don't change your personal habits, beliefs and expectations you will return to your original flow... if you even accept the opportunity for the explosive initial change.

Good Manifesting,
Power Before Wisdom

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