Candle Healing Spell from Omolu (Babalú-Ayé)



  • 1 Candle
  • Handful of Mud


  1. Gather Materials
  2. Prep 4 Ritual
  3. Carve Symbols referencing Disease, a Scapegoat, Healing and Transfer into Candle
  4. Rub Mud into Carvings and onto the candle.
  5. Anoint the Diseased Person with Mud, focusing on areas with primary symptoms.
  6. Accept that the link is made through the Mud. Direct the candle to draw the disease from the Person and allow it to Burn Away as the candle does.
  7. Light the Candle and let it burn to nothing.

A few days ago my Son-in-Law wasn’t feeling well.  I decided to create a healing candle for him.

Believe it or not, I do drink my own Kool-Aid.  So, per usual, I cast a circle and called my guardians.   Next I called two Gods.  In my next article ‘Calling out to God: Building Relationships and Dealing with Mistaken Identity’ I will share something I learned regarding one of the Gods I called.

Omolu Orisha of Disease and Healing DiseaseAs you can guess from the title of the next article, I didn’t establish a strong connection for this ritual from one of the Gods, and the second “God” I called normally doesn’t claim to be a God.  Omolu (AKA Babalú-Ayé) is an Orisha. Now I DO have a pretty good relationship with him.   Omolu is actually the first Orisha that I Horsed. That’s slang for I opened up to him in a Trance Possession Ritual and he came through and “Rode Me.”  I’ve carried him heavily (the trance was deep and it was CLEARLY him instead of me) a few times and I’ve really taken a liking to him.

Along with other aspects, Omolu is the Orisha of Disease. If you want to get sick, piss him off.  If you want help ending disease he’s a good Orisha to make good with. Now this could be something as simple as respectfully offering him some popcorn and a good Dark Beer (Bitter = Good).  In fact, for this spell he requested some body time to enjoy exactly that… a couple beers and a bowl of popcorn.

Normally my healing candles are heavily charged and focused to bring lots of healing light and fire. When I make a good one, even people who don’t believe in magic express that the candle feels “warm” and comforting.   At his direction, this candle was different.

One of the first differences were what I carved into the sides.  Instead of Reiki Symbols I started with a Caduceus (the whole cause of my God misunderstanding), but then, instead of symbols of light and healing, Omolu guided me to start drawing Rats, Fleas and signs of disease. I didn’t understand, but I’ve learned to follow directions.  I started my healing spell with a Yellow candle to reference Light and Healing, but now the Yellow seemed to reference Pus and Bile.   Omolu then directed me to go gather Mud from outside. Again I listened and rubbed much of the mud onto the candle (using the same in the grooves trick I reference in Everyday Magick: Candle Magick).   Finally he directed me to take the candle and remaining mud into My Son-In-Law’s room.

Once I entered his room, it was clear I was supposed to anoint my Son-in-Law with the mud and I did so.  It was only then that I realized this was a Scape Goat Spell.   The idea was to have the Candle draw out the disease from the sick young man and burn it away as the candle burned.

Now I was dealing with a little something myself (headache, stiffness and cough).  Omolu indicated that it would be ok for me to anoint myself as well and so I did.  I then lit the candle and left.

I felt immediate improvement with my issues and my dis-ease went away not to return.

As I mentioned in Everyday Magick: Candle Magick, any problems with a candle burning have a meaning.   Soon after my symptoms and issues were relieved, the candle wick suddenly sputtered and the wick smoldered away leaving about ½ of the candle unburned.

In studying this we resolved that the vast majority of the issue my Son-in-Law was having was emotional in nature. For 4 years running he has had sicknesses which lasted exactly Christmas-Eve and Christmas Day and we hadn’t noticed the pattern until the candle failed to burn entirely this year.

Even with that problem, I consider this spell an awesome addition to my repertoire. Using the Law of Similarity with the mud to draw out and burn away the disease is Masterful and I’m really appreciative that Omolu shared it with me.

I hope it helps you,
Awo Fa'gbemiro (Scott)

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