Written Magic: Why Scrolls, Leafs and Tablets are VERY powerful spells

Back in the day the Egyptians knew something we often forget.  Writing something makes it real.  They even had a god whose whole job was to simply write onto scrolls, leafs and tablets… and he was considered one of the most powerful.  In fact, this was also common knowledge in the East.  Much magic there is based on writing spells onto scrolls or boards.

In fact, when it comes to simple and powerful spells, my absolute favorite is to write a declaration clearly and with intent onto a piece of paper.  Now if I want to make it more “Effective” I cut a circle, call allies and do it with more focus, but I have good results with the following simple ritual.

To Make a Written Spell (The Easy Way)

  1. Clear you mind and focus it to your purpose.
  2. Decide what to write. Make it a declaration of what is.
  3. While being clear in your purpose write the declaration.
  4. Save the declaration and recognize it as active magic.

This may seem silly, but I can probably take two different pieces of paper write a spell onto one and write the same words onto another and you’ll have the ability to tell me which is which.  Intent, purpose and energy are important.  Your effort and material makes a difference.  Your spell will be more powerful if you chisel it into a tablet.  However if you are very careful and put a lot of effort writing it into a scroll it will also hold its purpose well.  I tend to just write on a piece of paper.  Chiseling most of my written spells would be like rabbit hunting with an elephant gun.

Now there are a couple simple rules to Written Magick.  First decide what you expect carefully and clearly.  Secondly be VERY intentional to keep it to a declaration of what is.  Third only let people who will support the spell see it, do not hang a controversial spell lest the readers interfere.

Months ago, I made the newbie mistake of a written spell saying “PersonA will pay PersonB what PersonB has earned.”  I thought I was being careful because the PersonB came to me asking for a spell to help them get the 200+ they felt they’d earned.  I didn’t want to bind an imbalance so I reworded the request.  Unfortunately, with the wording I chose PersonB never got paid.  I assumed it was because he hadn’t earned it, but in writing this article I realized my spell might have been a problem.

By saying he “WILL PAY” I made that the truth to hold.  He couldn’t actually pay or else there wouldn’t be a situation where he WILL PAY my friend anymore.  So be careful to write as if something is happening.  This might require destroying your spell once your goal has been met to prevent trapping all targets in a loop that no longer serves them or you.

I'm writing this now because today this came in handy.  A person I know put out enchantments to force people to recognize him in a certain way.   I considered what he wanted ludicrous and refused to take part.  However while I was interacting with a mutual associate the enchantment continued to spread (Viral enchantments, not hard, but potent) and I ended up noticing myself thinking of and referencing this person the way they wanted.   Angry that I was affected thusly, I reached out to try to twist the spell, but it was formed well enough that I likely would have had to put a lot of time and effort into doing so.  I contemplated my options and decided that a written spell was the most effective.  I wrote a spell that I unfortunately can’t share here, but it was a declaration of the state of things and I no longer have to focus on keeping them that way.

If you are looking for a VERY easy way to enchant something this ritual to Write a Spell is your answer.

Power Before Wisdom

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