Avoiding and Healing Energy Hangovers

universal fluid condenser is an option to heal energy hangovers faster
Energy Hangovers Suck.  Most practicing witches and mages know what I'm talking about. You do a great group magick ritual which brings lots of energy (even if it's just you and the spirits/gods).  It's possible to stress yourself doing personal work, but it's much less common.

For many workings you can ground out the energy afterwards, but sometimes you hold on to some of it because the ritual may not be entirely done for you yet.  There may be some personal work that needs higher than normal energy for a bit.  Sometimes you can ground all you want, but it's like the work has made your energy body and aura bigger.  To return to what used to be normal would mean backtracking.  

Of course not grounding when you should can cause energy hangovers too.  If you can't concentrate or sleep after a ritual it's a sign you need to ground.

Either way, minutes/hours after doing the powerful ritual, you crave water like a garden in the Sahara. You go to sleep thinking, "I may pay for that in the morning, but it was TOTALLY worth it." You wake up parched with a headache (sometimes a REALLY bad one), and for the next couple days your energy body feels overloaded and sensitive. Your second sight and energy work are a bit dull and sore the same way your muscles are after you push yourself a lot lifting weights.

Yesterday Misty and I visited a God Brother in Ifa. He was holding an Ocha birthday party. He paid for drummers and was hosting an awesome party. Misty and I were initiated around this time of year too so we decided to join and celebrate our own alongside it. 4 hours of energetic dancing and trancework with our Orisha later we were driving home.

Of course I grounded and released the energy afterwards. I slept wonderfully in the car on the way (evidence I'd grounded), but that level of work seems to have continuing effects even after releasing the energy. I'd almost equate it to how a burn continues to spread for a while after removing it from the heat source.

I knew it might be bad the next morning. I drank some water (nowhere near enough and I knew it).

     Avoiding Energy Hangovers
This time however I decided to try something new. As I went to sleep I grounded and held the link to ground open all night. Whenever I'd wake up to turn over or something, I'd re-establish the link and return to sleep. I woke up without an energy hangover!  I wasn't parched nearly as badly as normal and while I'm healthfully thirsty I'm not desperate to drink as much water or caffeine as I can get my hands on.

Sure I'm physically sore (from dancing) and feel like I've really worked my energy body hard.   Energetically I feel that strained feeling that you feel immediately after an intense magickal work, but it's not the same sensitive dull soreness in my energy body.

Someone asked me how I kept the grounding connection open while I slept.   I may have explained in another article, but the easiest way for me is to define the connection as a part of my sense of self.   While I'm lying there I form the connection to ground, and then define that connection as a part of me.  I am myself AND the connection to ground.

It's kind of like psychically learning to sleep sitting or standing up while leaning against something.  You get yourself into a position where if you relax you won't fall and then just settle into it.   If you positioned yourself wrong you'll wake up as you slip or fall when you relax a muscle you didn't realize you were using.  Then you simply go back and try to find a better position where you can completely relax and stay in the position.   In this case I do that magickally by defining myself as lying in this position and having this connection to ground.   If I move or something happens I "fall awake", find my new position, set it and settle into it again.

     Healing Energy Hangovers
For a long time I assumed that since energy hangovers were caused by too much energy work the solutions was to tone it down until I was better.  Unfortunately when I did that, I might spend days or even weeks healing.  Plus my "magickal muscles" atrophied when I did that too.   Regular practice is key to getting stronger.  It doesn't matter if you're talking about physical body, mind, energy body or will.  The more extreme your skills the more consistent and extensive your practice needs to be.

A few weeks ago I had a minor energy hangover (it almost got to where I had 1-3 a week with all the temple duties I've been doing) and I decided to use some water fluid condenser to try to ease the headache.  As I brushed some through my hair it felt like the meridians in my head were drinking the energy and as they drank they spread relief.  I have to admit that since I figured that out I've been a bit lazy lately.  If I have an energy hangover I just grab a fluid condenser and put it on.   It seems that energy hangovers aren't about too much energy but rather some sort of using all your reserves. Refilling your energy later seems to be a solution that helps you heal faster.

I'm guessing that if you have no access to Alchemic Fluid Condensers you could probably do the same thing with a meditation, yoga, tai-chi or chi-gung.  Grounding into a place of power would probably be a go-to for me there.   I have to admit though.  The convenience of using a fluid condenser is just too extreme of a benefit so I'll probably just keep using them.

    A Mana Potion? Are you Kidding me?
A while back I was halfway done with a long ritual, but I was exhausted.  I was out of energy, but I had to get back in the game.  I put a few drops of Universal Fluid Condenser into a liter of Water. Water magickally echoes the properties of its memories, its container or its solute.  By doing this I can receive the magickal benefits of drinking a liter of Universal Fluid Condenser without the side effect of way too much salt, terrible taste and possible poisoning by consuming WAY too much of the herbs in it.

It did the trick and I was able to get back in the game to finish the ritual.  I've done this a few times since then.  Normally when I do this I feel jazzed and empowered; ready for magick.   Today I decided to try it as part of healing after yesterday's magickal binge.  Instead of feeling jazzed or buzzed, drinking it feels like I'm taking necessary "nutrients".  So yeah... my nerd-dom has reached a new peak.  I make and drink "mana potions."  X-D

Good Spelling,

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