How to Survive Being Rolled and Possessed

If you’re open and playing with spirits any more powerful than deceased Aunt Edna, getting possessed is actually fairly likely. We’re going to assume that for some reason you are open. Perhaps you didn’t shield your house, perhaps you just woke up (I’ve been there)… whatever. You’ve been Rolled, now deal with it… Let’s cover this in three stages:


1 Know Yourself: It’s actually easy to pressure someone to do something. Think of it as Telepathy 101. Unlike a lot of things, telepathy doesn’t get harder when one finds themselves without a body. Additionally few people in modern America are actually aware enough to recognize thoughts that they wouldn’t normally have. When people spend all their time only in their own heads they don’t learn to recognize different thought “voices.”

For example: for 15 years Erika doesn’t remember hearing thoughts outside her own. Then all of a sudden a person (let’s say a spirit to simplify this) comes along and notices that Erika is the human equivalent of a computer connected to the internet without any protections. She has no ability to tell her thoughts from those that were put there by something else. So this person (er… spirit) decides to project (thinks intensely focused toward her), “I want to go to the store.” All Erica knows is that suddenly she thinks “I want to go to the store.” As long as she doesn’t have a reason to be focused on other things she’ll just accept that she wants to go to the store. Once she gets there this person projects “I want to buy pickles.” Erika thinks “I want to buy pickles.” But there is a problem. Erika HATES pickles. So the thought ends up looking like “I want to buy pickles… Why the HELL would I want pickles? I HATE Pickles.”

Step one of dealing with getting rolled (having someone control your thoughts) is knowing yourself. Know what you want, Draw lines of what’s ok and what’s not. Most people don’t set lines. Decide what you like and want, decide what you won’t do, recognize your thought patterns. The more that you know yourself, the easier it is to recognize when you’re having thoughts that aren’t your own.


2 Control Yourself: This is where knowing your boundries is important. If you’re up against something more nasty than someone getting a laugh from sending you to the bathroom 5 times in 10 minutes (heh heh), you might actually be in danger of having something trying to disable user access to your body or worse. Meditate to learn to control your thoughts. There comes a terrifying moment between being rolled and being possessed when you realize you’re in trouble.

Think of being rolled as having someone hack your computer, and possession as something enter in your room who plans to do something to you. Sometimes they want the computer (body), sometimes they just want to hurt you or kill you. One of my early experiences was with an old lady who had just died, but believed that I was somehow evil and so she tried to kill me for not being a good Christian since I could see ghosts. (Rule 52… the recently dead are rarely sane… it’s just that many are not destructive in their confusion)

So now they are in your room. Unfortunately, at this point you’re playing a different game. When you’re being hacked on the internet you can just disconnect. This would be akin to shielding your thoughts. Once you are possessed they are behind that level of shielding. You are dealing with spirit stuff. The rules of this world don’t quite apply anymore. You’re going to need to learn astral experiences to know how to deal here. The good news is that while most spirits base their experience in the astral, having a body allows us a concept of linear time and growth. This means that if you choose to spend some time practicing astral work you will be surprisingly good at it compared to many spirits. At its fundamental, astral is an existence without linear time where thoughts control your experience. Astral Combat is essentially convincing your opponent that truths which make them less powerful are true. If you’re up against someone skilled, you will find yourself needing to confuse them and avoid being confused as this leaves “the confused” vulnerable to accepting “truths” you wouldn’t otherwise. One time I was training with a guide on the astral and some of the old tricks weren’t a problem anymore. We were “sword fighting” and both of us were using tricks like just letting the sword go through us, phasing through the walls and floors, flying, jumping from place to place and time to time… all that rot. I said something to the tune of, “I can take you now” in a very cocky way. He reached out, grabbed me and then “yanked” me up and down different vibrations of the astral so quickly that I mentally couldn’t keep up. He then returned us to our original sparring location and stabbed me through the gut up into the heart. I was so confused I forgot to believe that I was fine and believed that he had killed me. I experienced death for a bit and then returned (DEFINITELY shortening this part of the story – will tell later).


3 Cheat: Because we are alive, we have the ability to redefine ourselves in a way that most spirits can’t. Part of using this reality allows us the opportunity to let go of our limitations and ego while still staying “us.” One time I woke up from sleep rolled. I literally woke up to being convinced that a spirit was an ally, within a short time it had convinced me to let it move in. Mere seconds after I let it move in it had started disconnecting my access to the body, I remember losing sight, hearing, touch and feeling it redirect my energy channels through itself. I tried to pull energy to begin building a shield and remember it being blocked. Rather than finding myself kicked out of my body I found myself trapped and unable to experience anything. For a while I panicked. He kept squeezing me into a smaller and smaller box. My existence, memories and sense of self were disappearing. Suddenly I remembered a truth a teacher had drummed into my head for reasons I didn’t understand at the time.

The Truth? Always remember that you are connected to source and nothing can take that away. So I remembered this truth and let go of my illusion of being separate from God/Source. Suddenly I was outside the situation… Suddenly I was bigger than it. Suddenly everything was clear. It was like I was looking down on the situation, looking through it. I was myself and I was more at the same time. I knew what happened and I knew I could choose whatever truth I want. So I chose that Scott was back in his body, with his resources and his memories. I chose that this thing which had tried to overcome Scott was removed. I chose something regarding it, but I can’t quite remember what that something was as of this writing. After setting things to the way I chose, I then re-accepted the illusion of separation and was myself, back in my body.

Remember, You are a part of God/Source and nothing can remove that. It is yours to choose your experience.


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