Shielding - Why, What and How to Build Shields

Oh the stories... Shielding.  The most overspoken and underused magic.  If you're reading this chances are you know 30 different ways to shield and your way is the right way.  I agree.  Your way is the right way... except I know a better way and so do you.

Let's be clear.  Shielding (as most people know it) is an astral action. mp;nbsp; Astral work is very much about thought.  If you have a shield you like, you have found a way of thinking that does a great job for you.  Why stop there?  If you are silly enough to hold onto the idea that there is one truth... well then, you deserve to get your ass kicked by something that can think around your box.

This is a very complex universe.   You don't get it, I don't get it.  The Theorems of information basically  show that you cann't understand information without BEING that information.  In otherwords you will NOT understand the universe until you are the universe.   A truth of course is that you are,.but for some strange reason we have chosen to believe ourselves limited.  Whatever....  limited.

So...  We like to fit ourselves into a pretty little box, call it our reality and then act as if it will cover everything we need.  I guess the answer to whether that works depends on what we choose to manifest.  The likelihood, is that if you're reading this you have decided to manifest a reality where it doesn't entirely work.  Where you are open to the idea that you do NOT have everthing handled and learning a new trick or 200 is useful..

The fundamental trick you need to use to apply different shielding concepts is to be able to accept truth in multiple different concepts.   Get to the point where you can see the universe as: An Epic Good vs Evil Battle, a neutral universe where there is only energy, a loving universe where everything is love and persons who forget it, a embattled universe where the 52 bicycle kings and the great trickster hold sway....  When you can switch perspectives like a frat boy switches alchohols... THEN you can utilize different shielding tricks to stop the most intelligent and least sane Astral Badass in their tracks.

Little by little I will post shielding ideas, perspectives and of course, how to get past them.  This isn't a one size fits all universe... except when it is.  So.  Check out the Shielding IDEAS and how I've used them and figure out how you can use those perspectives to empower you.



0 #1 Luke 2016-08-21 12:03
Am I the only one reading this and y does it explain what the topic is but doesent teach u

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