Shielding in a "standard" 4 elemental Model


(Earth, Air, Wind and Fire)


The essential idea of a shield is to stop something trying to harm you from doing so.  Here are some ideas using a Earth, Air, Wind and Fire Universe Model.


Earth (Solidity, Form, Being, Stability)


  1. There is a wall around you.  The ONLY way to get to you and that it is so hard, thick and strong that nothing can get through it.
  2. You are in the middle of a Mountain.  You are so deep in this mountain that things trying to find you can't because there is so much to try to find.
  3. A Castle surrounds you.  Tou have complete control of when the gate is open or closed.  There are towers that you can look out from and even return attacks.
  4. You are made of stone.  You are so hard and so strong that anything that hits you bounces right off you without harming you.
  5. Anytime you need it the earth responds by shifting to proect you without any effort from you.   The earth itself is literally a bodyguard taking care of you without any need to worry... at all.



Air (Movement, Thought, Communitcation, Manipulation, Redirecting)


  1. There is a whirlwhind around you. It is a gentle breeze the comforts friends and allies, but that roars up into a raging maelstrom when need arises.  The wind protects you, flinging off anything that might try to harm.
  2. You are surrounded by a translucent barrier of air.  It's soft most of the time, but it can be so perfectly hard when you need it to be that a semi-truck be stopped in its tracks.
  3. The air is a perfect blade.  There is a one molecule thick blade spinning around you faster and faster, so fast that it blurs into a barrier that you can touch; however, any attempt to get through this barrier will result in the thing doing so being sliced into so countless small pieces.
  4. The air around you changes form.  It hardens to redirect things from around us.  It thicken to hold things back.
  5. The air is a lens that transmits sight, sound and smell of our location.  Enemies aim at the wrong place, because the Air ensures this.



Fire (Change, Empowerment, Creation, Destruction)


  1. A wall of intelligent fire surrounds you.  Anything good comes in.  Anything bad is annihilated.
  2. You are enclosed by fire which re-creates things which enter.  Aspects which make them less helpful are modified.  For example, an angry person remembers the purpose of their anger, but directs it healthfully for both of you...
  3. Your inner fire guides you.  When you need to duck you duck, When you need to turn you turn.  When you need to strike...
  4. A powerful offense ensure no defense it needed.  If potential harm nears, you beat it to the punch by being FAR more harmful.
  5. A constant warmth heals you faster than anythign can harm you.  Everything becomes fuel for the fire that is your life purpose.  "Bad things" help you burn just as brightly as the "good things."



Water (Feelings, Oneness, Flow, Adaption, Acceptance)


  1. Nothing can impede you.  Everything you don't accept goes right through.
  2. Someone shot an arrow of guilt at you?  Hrm... that could be useful pointing out from your aura here...
  3. That person doesn't want to harm you, they are you.  You understand them and they understand you.
  4. Your water merges with theirs as you near and it's flavor modifies their flavor, not excessively, but so that they do as you wish.
  5. Everything that enters your space is broken down from the erosion of your flow... adding to your overall.



Fun game... Get a D-20 roll it 3-5 times and make your shield flavor of the week from the conglomeration of all of the rolls.  For example a 14, 7, 9 would make your shield be a mix of Fire(4), Air(2) and Air (4).  From this I create the idea of a shield of air at the extreme range of my perception which doesn't let anything I can't handle in and which hardens and redirects oppenents in such a way as to never let them harm me because it's too busy screwing them up.


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