How to Open your Third Eye

hooded woman opening third eye

Once upon a time, a little boy was born.  This little boy saw things that adults didn’t see. He’d watch a spirit push his Mommy and she’d get up to smoke a cigarette.   He’d watch his Sister’s Aura when she was scared and learn to get scared too.

The Little Boy grew up.  Around age three he learned how to speak enough to start comparing what he saw to what other people saw.  It took him a while to learn that Mommy didn’t see the same stuff as him, but he didn’t have a word for spirit so he just learned to keep quiet about things that mommy didn’t see.

He grew up some more.  About 6 years old he still saw weird things sometimes, but he was told that he was imagining it. The imaginings were pretty vivid and helped him sometimes so he kept seeing them though.

For the next couple years he played with the imaginings more consciously.  He learned that he could create the imaginings. He’d imagine a magick sword and he’d have one.  He had imaginary friends and they played with him too.   Sometimes they even taught him things.

Now, before he was 8-10 years old his friends would imagine along with him.  They’d have huge adventures where everyone saw the same thing. Sure they’d argue about details, but usually they’d all agree in the end.  However, little by little they stopped imagining along. Little by little they told him that he was just imagining and to stop being such a little kid (because that’s what other people had told them).   So little by little he stopped seeing the imaginings. He told himself they weren’t real. The Little Boy learned to only see things that everyone else could see as he grew up. 

One day he learned about this neat thing called the 3rd eye.  He thought it sounded pretty cool to see, hear and feel Auras and Spirits, so the now not-so-little boy decided to learn to open it.   People gave him lots of advice, Spells and tricks here and there.  However, everything he kept doing seemed too much like imagining. It couldn’t be real.  He was JUST imagining things.  He told himself that he had to keep looking or that maybe it was all a fantastic lie… because he shouldn’t imagine things and act as if they were real!


The Lie of JUST Imagining
There is a story that when Columbus’s ships were sailing into harbor, the Indians couldn’t see them because their minds couldn’t comprehend them.   Now I’m not sure if there is any truth to this story, but it does help share the challenge of opening one’s third eye.

You’ve been trained since an early age to ONLY believe in what everyone else can see. However, the astral isn’t just this place you can go to in a trance or when you sleep.   Think of reality as an onion with many different layers to it. Some of these layers interact with the physical a little and some don’t really interact at all.

Our Physical eyes can’t see these other layers, but your spirit and/or your energy body can.  However, our mind can only process information in certain ways.  Just as we have to learn to understand that letters can form words which turn into ideas, our minds have to learn that “this astral event has THAT meaning and consequence.”  Additionally, our mind has the challenge of learning how to convey this information to us in a form we can use.

We all started trying to do this from a young age.  Some of our “Imaginings” were actually real astral information being conveyed to us. In fact, unless you were a flat out liar, you PROBABLY had a pretty high ratio of experiencing Astral or Etheric information in what you learned to think of as imagining.    One of the things that makes it easy to be convinced that our imaginings are all untrue is the fact that Astral Energy responds to thought and will.  What’s the difference between when we imagine having a sword verses creating an astral sword?

This question makes me want to coin a new term:  Out-magining.   Imagining tends to be inward or far away on the astral. Creating the Astral sword (out-magining) is something you do to your environment around you. (imagining/out-magining… in/out. get it?)

When I imagine something, you have to go looking for my imagining in order to give me details (yes this can be done, I do it often to others).   However, when you out-magine something, it’s right in front of my face available for me to see and affect me.

Now the astral has a VERY tenuous connection with the physical. Most people can walk right though an Astral Object/Person and not even notice if their third eye is closed.   An astral object or person can affect them, but the effect will likely end up being minor unless the Astral being is VERY powerful.

Part of the rules is that to experience the astral you have to be involved in it, so if your third eye is open you will be much more likely to be affected by astral things. A ghost that makes a room feel a little creepy to other people might cause you to feel sick if you’re very open.

This works in reverse as well though.  By being deeper into the astral you can affect change there more too.

So what does all this mean?

How do I open my third eye?

- Step 1 -
Decide to be involved in the Astral as you walk around.   Decide to accept information from a different layer to reality. It’s really that easy.  This is the “switch” I mention in other articles.  Basically, I turn the dimmer up and down by deciding how much I will focus on recognizing information in the physical layer verses other layers of reality.

- Step 2 -
Practice, practice, practice.  Your mind doesn’t know how to communicate this information to you yet.  You need give your mind tools to create your personal astral language to receive concepts and information. Commonly this involves astral play.  Out-magine an astral ball and then give it characteristics.  Out-magine with others to help yourself create your astral language more quickly. By sharing your perceptions, you are giving each of your minds ways to understand the information.  Additionally you help each other learn when you are imagining verses out-magining.

- Step 3 -
Determine what information helps you and what information doesn’t. There are a lot of layers of reality that don’t really apply to you at this moment.   The closer to those layers your vibration is, the more you can be affected by them.

This is why the best way to get away from a negative spirit or a Demon is to feel love (sing praise songs, pray, whatever works).  By loving, you raise your vibration to the point where their layer of reality and yours don’t connect anymore and BOOM, effectively no more negative spirit.  Sure they are still back there somewhere, but they probably aren’t ready to follow you up the scale of emotions and eventually they can’t see you anymore.  As far as they are concerned you basically ascended into light.

Little by little you will learn to focus on obtaining information that empowers you. When I’m in a meeting with a potential client, there is no point in studying the wood-grain of the desk. The important information is their words and body language.   Sure the desk, chairs and other parts of the environment can tell me a little about them, but they aren’t the most effective way to understand what I need to know.

Same thing with the Astral; there is information that doesn’t really help you. Walking by a building and feeling that a bird died by running into the window yesterday does not really help you.

My most common “useless” information regards people.  I learn details about them.  Unfortunately, I rarely have the opportunity to follow-up and see if this information is true.  What good is gaining this information if I never learn whether I’m bull shitting myself or not? Heck, I don’t even know my hit/miss ratio because most of the stuff I “learn” would be personal stuff that a person won’t exactly confirm to a stranger.



Tricks and Spells
There are a LOT of tricks and spells out there to open your third eye.  I’ve used:

  • ritual third eye openings
  • flooding someone’s third eye with energy
  • opening the 3rd eye chakra
  • Rub Essential Oils (Rose, Frankincense, Lavender and others) on 3rd eye
  • Tiger’s balm on 3rd eye (VERY EFFECTIVE!)

In the end however, remember that you are essentially pushing yourself to focus on other layers of reality than the physical. It will STILL be necessary to learn to understand your own astral language and focus on information that benefits you.

Good Spelling,
Power Before Wisdom

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