Calling out to God: Building Relationships and Dealing with Mistaken Identity

When I was a Christian, everyone seemed afraid to admit that when you pray, God might talk back directly.  I think it was because, in the Bible only prophets heard directly from God.  Thus, it would be hubris to admit that you heard him talk to you.  Instead, people would claim that they’d gotten messages in this weird roundabout way.   “Last Tuesday I prayed to ask for guidance in my relationship, and today my pancake syrup looked EXACTLY like Jamie’s Hand with a ring on it… clearly God was telling me that she’s the one!”

Yeah… THAT sounded less crazy than “God told me…” *Rolls Eyes*

Somewhere along the line I realized that if I shut up and listened when I was praying, I heard answers back.  Whenever I forgot to believe that I couldn’t hear him, I could.  Of course, I didn’t hear this Booming Voice with a chorus of Angels from above. Hearing from Spirits and Gods is more like remembering a conversation in the moment.

I’m sure this sounds a whole lot like IMAGINING, but here’s where it gets weird.  Once in a while I would receive information that I didn’t have access to:  something that would happen the next day,  a fact about someone I didn’t know that would influence my actions concerning them and turn out to be true.

Over time I learned to start recognizing different “voices” in the conversations.  My thoughts have a certain tone.  Different Spirits and Gods have their own tones.  Their Tone is a mix of how they phrase things, what they say and how their thoughts “feel.”

For Example:

  • Belenus' thoughts have a light friendly touch like standing a safe distance from a big fireplace.
  • Hecate (in a good mood) has this amazingly patient, insanely wise and powerful grandmother feel.
  • Hades' thoughts have this warm sharpness like a razorblade that’s not cutting you… right now.
  • Jehovah has this Heavy Awe (Whether you love or hate me… You should fear me) Feel.

Over time (Years) I learned to accept that I could have an actual conversation with Gods and Spirits.  This ended up leading to another concept… Misunderstandings and Mistaken Identity.

One thing to keep in mind is that you talking to a God, is like a drop of water talking to the Indian Ocean.  The drop can’t really express the whole of the Ocean, so it tends to only get whatever snippets it’s ready for.  If I’m in a warlike mood and I contact Ogun I will likely speak with a part of Ogun that’s a Warrior.  If I’m trying to do some Metalwork, I will probably speak with a part of Ogun that is the Master Smith.

We call these different parts of a God, their aspects.  Just as I would receive a different answer if I asked whether you felt like driving on a sunny day vs. an icy night, you will sometimes receive different answers from different aspects of the same God.  This is why contradicting stories about a God can be true.  You might receive an aspect of Chango who wants to fight Ogun, and I might receive an aspect who loves Ogun as a Brother.   Both are real.

This leads to why I stopped being a Christian.   My father was a heavy authoritarian.  Thus my image of the Bible’s God tended to be the Old Testament “Law, Fire and Brimstone.”  However, sometimes I would grok God as a loving creator who’s Son died for my sins, and I would contact this New Testament “It’s OK, I love you no matter what” aspect.

For a while there, as I was starting my Magickal Path, I had the New Testament aspect’s blessing and the Old Testament aspect didn’t oppose.  But one day, the “Law, Fire and Brimstone” aspect decided it was time to reel me in. I didn’t come willingly… and we had a conflict that I could have sworn I already wrote about, but for the life of me I can't find in the PBW search function (If you find it Click Here and tell me where!).

If this sounds all personal it’s because it IS.  Dealing with Gods is like dealing with powerful people.  Some Gods are nice, some are assholes.  Sometimes you hear stories that are true and sometimes the stories aren’t.

caduceus_esclapiusThis leads to the Mistaken Identity aspect of this article.   I detailed a healing ritual I recently performed in Candle Healing Spell from Omolu (Babalu Aye).  In it, I had a misunderstanding related to the Caduceus.  Essentially I was having a hard time remembering who the Greek God of Healing was.  I remembered the symbol for healing in America is the Caduceus (Which I later learned was based on THIS Mistake).  Now I knew that Hermes was the God of Thieves, Messages and Merchants, but a part of me thought, “Well if he’s carrying the symbol of healing he must have a healer aspect… right?”

So I ended up calling Hermes into the ritual.  He basically answered my summon with an “Uhhhh…. What?”  I immediately apologized for my lack of study asking if I’d made a mistake. His response was essentially a chuckle before disconnect.

After the ritual, I ended up researching my mistake which is why I now know about the Staff of Asclepius, Asclepius and Apollo (again).

Now I’ve dealt with dozens of different Gods and many dozens of different aspects for over a dozen years (heheheh).  I made this mistake LAST WEEK.   Studying Gods in literature is not going to tell you everything you need to know; heck, the sheer amount of the knowledge you would need to remember will mean that you will likely make mistakes from forgetfulness alone.

12 years ago in March I started my first relationship with a non-Judeo-Christian God.  Belenus was an awesome friend and taught me lots of cool stuff.  However, over the years our relationship has become distant.  I’m not the same person he initially started interacting with and my path doesn’t align with him nearly as much.  Now we’re like old college friends who talk once in a while.

Your relationships with deities will probably change and grow similarly as you live your life. You will find that certain things you read and hear are true, while others… not so much.

Now you might not be ready to believe that you’re hearing God’s and Spirits directly.  While I make fun of the whole “seeing signs” form of receiving messages I still use it on top of direct communication.  For now, open up to receiving responses in any way that you are ready.  Little by little, over time, you will be able to open up to faster, clearer and more personal communication.

I’ll detail why and how in an article in a few weeks… “Psychic Mediums: Why Psychics tend to only tell you vague Bullshit.”

Power Before Wisdom

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