About Awo Fa'gbemiro aka Scott Reimers (2016 update)

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I became a professional Web Developer, Computer and Network Technician in 1999.   By 2006 I had decided I wanted to start moving into a new field.  I started this website in the hopes of eventually making a living teaching magic. Most importantly I thought I'd be able to start gaining “deeper understandings”; because above all else, I had a desire to experience obvious and clear magic on a regular basis.

I spent about 4 years writing whatever I felt like sharing as I learned and experimented. I was the arrogant fool, sharing experiences and jumping into stupid new ones (Making a Djinn ring being one of my dumber moments...) Little by little the posts started becoming more humble and more respectful as I started recognizing the mistakes of my impetuousness.

There came a point in 2010 when it became obvious that I needed to either start monitizing this website or do something else. Long story short I tried a lot of things, but in the end, I decided that I had to move on. Some of the posts of that time period had a frustrated and annoyed tone. I mostly disappeared for a while as I shifted my focus.

My main life goal at that time shifted from “experience cool magic” to “build wealth.”

Well... good news: Magic works.

My life changed incredibly. By 2012 I owned a semi-automated web business which paid my bills and allowed my wife to quit working. I started getting back into writing a bit, but I kept my focus on "building wealth." In 2013, my Wife, Covenmates and Roomate wanted to start a Magick Shop and Open a Pagan Temple, so I used my business experience to make that happen.  While doing that I explored some new magicks and alchemy which I will start detailing here.

As of 2016 I own 3 online businesses.  I also run the Magick Store "Reno Magick" and the "Temple of Growth Advancement" with my Partner and another Priest in Reno NV.  Additionally I'm living many of my life goals.  I regularly experience awesome magic, support multiple local faith and magickal groups out of the temple, and have Magickal Students all over the world, not to mention an International Ifa Extended Family through my Ifa Parents.

Ifa Parents?  On top of my business successes, I also initated into Ifa in 2012 through the lineages of Awo Falokun Fatunmbi and Yeye Omiadeofun Fa'kayode Oyeotunde and spent a couple years living with my Elder and studying with him.   I have received My Ifa Elders' blessing to perform Ifa Divination and Initiations.  

It has been an awesome journey, and while it sometimes didn't seem that fun along the way, I'm really appreciative and joyful as to where it has gone.

While I'll sometimes let this site sit for weeks or months, it is still near and dear to my heart. I want to teach because I love it. I like writing an article or recording a class and having lots and lots of people benefit from it.  I recently had a breakthrough and hope to release a new book every 3 months in 2017. They are going to be a series which teaches magick from the very basics up.

At this point I have semi-retired at 35 years old, and I am looking to travel the world experiencing and teaching magick.  Every other week I am "free" to either travel or work on long term projects.  If you want training and/or Initiation and don't want to have to go somewhere else for it, this period of my life will be great for you.  If you work with my Schedule and cover my travel expenses (will be deducted from fees) I will discount the costs as long as either you have 3 or more people who need training OR at least 3 days are available for me to explore and do personal work in the region you live.

Awo Fa'gbemiro Falokun (Scott Reimers)

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